We are Luminous! A team of artists that focuses on putting their creative talents together so we can create beautiful visuals and animations. We have been combining our individual strengths for quite some time now and each have our own specialties and individual style. We work together with many talented people from all over the globe and are able to take on any creative project that comes our way. Whether it is CGI, animation, retouching, photography, video or any other graphical medium, we enjoy what we do and would like you to come share your ideas with us!

Creative Imaging:
The Creative Imaging concept encompasses all kinds of disciplines, including retouching, illustration, 3D, photography, etc. Every member of our team is highly specialised in one or more of these, with each having his own preferred method of working and style. We will find the right people for the right job and make sure your project gets the creative touch that it needs!

Our creatives have worked in this field for many years and are talented and highly motivated! We are used to work on simple to very complex projects involving CGI, whether it is to be combined with actual photography, for animation or as a sole 3D project. If you have a project involving CGI, please let us know so we can discuss the possibilities and talk about your project!

For high-end CG animations look no further! Luminous Creative Imaging works together with our partner Studio05 Amsterdam to create stunning looking CG animations for tv-commercials, banner animations, etc. Having years of experience working together, we are used to work together on complex animation projects with great results! Please take a look at the showreel on our Portfolio page!

Concept design and development:
We also can help you flush out a concept, working it out with sketches, moodboards, etc. To make it stronger and stand out more. The same goes for sketching and designing 3D models and environments.

Storyboarding and sketching:
We have a highly experience sketch artist and illustrator. Depending on your needs we can create highly detailed illustrations or do sketches needed for presentations and/or concepts.

Creative on location:
Over the years, we have noticed that sometimes it works wonders to have one of our creatives over on location, whether it is in the Netherlands, Dubai, the US, etc. Our creatives have their own equipment and can come over to your shoot or location, to assist you in the creative process. This could mean they work as a digital assistant, help you guide the shoot and make on the spot sketches in Photoshop or create 3D scenes and help decide the camera angle and match lighting on the spot to make sure a complex project goes as smooth as possible.

Project management:
We can also manage and guide creative projects and make sure everything goes according to plan, communication goes smoothly and things are arranged. We make sure quality control and organisation during these projects is up to the highest standards!